How Many Canadian Singles on Facebook?

People who are looking for a soul mate are in good company. Here’s a heads up for advertisers: Close to 1.8 million Canadian men and women list themselves as single on the most popular social network. From now on, those Don Juan party animals can put away the keys to their bachelor pads and find a match by buying advertising on Facebook to find their ideal mate.

Take a look at these telling numbers culled from Facebook today:

  • 1,752,080 people are single
  • 1,775,080 people are in relationships
  • 331,080 people are engaged
  • 1,775,160 people are married.

So, are Canadians faithful?

Well, 33% of Canadians prefer to be “discreet” about their marital status. As the saying goes, discretion is the greater part of valour. A friend who is a big Facebook fan recently experienced the true power of this social network. Feeling the sting of unrequited virtual love, he changed his profile before going to bed. From now on, he was going to be a bachelor! But common sense and pillow talk prevailed that night, so he changed his profile back again in the morning.

The problem is that his 267 “friends” had already received a “notice of change in marital status.” The end result? Twenty-three sympathy calls and two rather questionable propositions…

Oh Cupid, what have you done now?!Adidas