Social media : tools for tracking your footprints on the Web

I’ve been reading around different social media-related sources, and am finding that last year’s growing interest in measurement tools for word-of-mouth has bloomed into practicality. There is now an exponentially-increasing amount of tools to help track web PR or what some would call “virality” (altough the term is now somewhat obsolete), and even actual conversations on live micro-blogging applications such as Twitter, FriendFeed and the likes.

Lidija Davis at Read, Write Web blog came up with an interesting list of these tools for you to try out and “track your footprints” on the web, as she puts it.

I’ve been using a few of these already (I recommend Google Alerts of course, Spy and BlogPulse), but I had never heard of Social Mention, which can track mentions of your brand name across different categories over the web. There are so many new applications being built right now, its honestly hard to keep track. I recommend sticking with the most “talked about” for now, as other might still be in experimentation mode and provide innacurate results.

At any rate, these tools provide information of relative value, but I guess they’ll be leading the way to more precise forms of word-of-mouth evaluation. With the intense mashing of applications happening currently, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a nice combo coming out shortly.Womens Running Shoes & Running Clothes