The Upperkut offices : dig our new digs

We were growing and needed to find larger premises that could house both the agency as well as space for audio and video production. Inspiration came in the form of a revelation: the basement of the St. Jean Baptiste church in the Plateau area of Montreal.

Heritage considerations as well as concerns about the acoustics of the office could have proved devilish problems. But designer Jean de Lessard came up with a divine solution, a minimalist approach to materials and a flamboyant use of colour. The result: strikingly simple and simply striking. And for his vision, he received his righteous reward, awards from the International Property Awards in London and Intérieurs Ferdie in Montreal.

In addition to offices, a graphic arts studio and meeting areas, we have at our disposal two huge multi-purpose spaces that allow us to cultivate our creative cult and shoot TV spots, promo videos and Web capsules, with a skeleton team and equally lean turnaround times.

Not to mention privileged access to the Saint-Jean-Baptiste, the huge show space of the church itself, that can accommodate up to 2,500 people. Everything we could pray for.