The Grand Ballets on their toes: the conjunction that causes the disjunction

To promote their ballet Léonce & Léna, the Grand Ballets Canadiens called upon our creative & strategic team. It was with pleasure & purpose that we jumped at the opportunity.

The campaign we came up with was based upon the dualities that lie at the heart of this spectacle which
is both dance & theatre. Léonce & Léna come from two cities that feel undying enmity towards each other. Reprising the conjunction that causes the disjunction seemed the perfect way to communicate the undercurrents that ripple through the production: Comedy & Irony, Sense & Nonsense, Politics & Passion, Reality & Fantasy, Desire & Duty.

We called upon the services of our sister company, production house La Guérilla, and what emerged was
a TV spot filled with striking images, highlighted by an original score. This all-musical ad (no voice-over necessary – for once, the spot spoke for itself) ran in English and French on TV networks like Radio Canada, Art TV, CTV, and on-screen at the Guzzo chain of cinemas.


The campaign was also adapted for Web banners, print and backlit outdoor advertising.

Audiences loved it & came out in droves.Sneaker Release Dates 2019